I currently don’t know where my underwear are, but I have a plaque that says I’m FABULOUS!

Hubby, CIA Cat, and I have just finished moving to our new AMAZING apartment , and I have only just now found my laptop. It had been packed up in a kitchen box… apparantly, per Hubby, “it was covered with so much food and crap I just assumed it was ment for the kitchen!”… anywho. Here’s a quick TOP 10 of all the things that happened while I was away!

1. Hubby decided we don’t “need” professional movers.
2. Hubby and I nearly divorce after I drop the couch on his foot… for the third time.
3. CIA Cat gets nervous about all the boxes and activity and barfs in every room of the apartment… AFTER I had  steam cleaned the carpets… goodbye security deposit.
4. Hubby decides new apartment doesn’t have enough storage and makes me go with him to Ikea… on memorial day weekend…
5. Hubby and I nearly divorce after I have complete break down in the ridiculously crowded Ikea and claim the ‘Persian Blue Demo Living Room’ as my own and refuse to leave.
6. CIA Cat gets nervous about the boxes and activity in the new apartment and barfs in every room… new apartment has hardwood floors… HAHAHA!
7. CIA Cat barfs on the couch…
8. Hubby and I nearly divorce after he says I have to clean up all CIA Cat barf , as I had laughed at her barfing on the floors.
9. My kickball team Tiaras & Ascots
 played in the end of season tournament!
10. Tiaras & Ascots were out after the first game… but at the end of season party they got a pretty awesome surprise…

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2 Responses to I currently don’t know where my underwear are, but I have a plaque that says I’m FABULOUS!

  1. Becky says:

    Hubby loses major points for not going with professional movers. I don’t ever want to move again if I have to do it myself!!!! What was he thinking? Sometimes I seriously question how that man has not learned these things about you in the last (I refuse to say how long because that acknowledges actual age) years, and that to save your marriage professional (moving) help is always the best option.

  2. Oh my gosh. I can relate to the cat barf thing. Why do they feel that in any new circumstance that they should barf. I have a very polite barfing cat who likes to puke only on paper… which although nice, is not nice when it’s like my car insurance bill. Happy new apartment to you!

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