Pledge Furniture Polish is for Furniture, NOT FLOORS!

So Hubby and I are LOVING our new apartment, especially all the hardwood floors! But because we’ve never had hardwood floors before, there have been some learning experiences.

1. All furniture should have buffer pads stuck to their bottoms, so they don’t scratch the wood floor.

2. Dark hardwood floors do not hide scratches, at all.

3. Finger pointing does not resolve the scratch problem… even though I did tell Hubby to pick UP the table, NOT push it… just saying.

4.  When buffing out scratches on your hardwood floor, put a SMALL amount of buffing liquid on a piece of cloth and then rub said cloth in a circular motion over the scratch… DO NOT dump half the bottle of liquid on the floor and then frantically attempt to wipe it all up while your significant other is standing over your screaming “JUST A DAB! I SAID JUST A DAB OF LIQUID!!”.

5. But the most important hardwood floor lesson was learned last night by Hubby.  He learned that Pledge Furniture Polish is for furniture, NOT floors… UNLESS you happen to have friends visiting, with a couple bottles of wine, and socks.

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3 Responses to Pledge Furniture Polish is for Furniture, NOT FLOORS!

  1. Ashley says:


  2. Kim says:

    OMG… That looks like FUN!!! Can I come over and play!?!?

  3. Wazeau says:

    hehehe awesome.

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