Who knew a broom could do that much destruction?

The quarantine has been lifted, Hubby has recovered from his walking death and life is back to normal in our household… kinda.

The problem is our new apartments windows.  Don’t get me wrong, they’re fantastic.  They are floor to ceiling, big, huge, tons of light, wonderful, fantastic, windows.  The problem is really with Hubby, and his constant desire to open the windows, well not just the windows but the screen too. 

See these big huge fantastic windows cannot only be slid open, but the screen portion can slide open too, so you just have a wall of open air.  VERY COOL, so cool we had to sign a waiver that if we fell out our window we would not sue the apartment complex. You know some dumbass did it for there to now be a waiver included with the rental contract.

Well Hubby LOVES opening them all the way for the effect, but the flies love it too, seeing how this gives them an open invitation to come in and occupy EVERY room of our apartment.  This caused a bit of tension between Hubby and I… that ended with an extremely inappropriate use of a broom… that ended badly… really badly.

Me: BABE! Close the $*%&# Window!! These flies are EVERYWHERE.

Hubby: Just shoo them out.

Me: … you’re joking.

Hubby: It works! I did it yesterday. Do you want me to show you how?

Me: oh I most definitely want you to show me how to “shoo” them out.  Show me your secret skills oh great fly whisperer!

Hubby:… you’re not as funny as you think you are.

Me: Oh, but I really am.

Hubby: Whatever, so you just take a newspaper and “shoo” “shoo” “shoo”. See!?! One just flew out!!

Me:  Ya and passed by 4 other flies coming in. Babe just close the window and swat the buggers!

Hubby: Fine!

Me: WHOA!! Whatchya doing?!?

Hubby: Swatting!!

Me: Not with the broom!! Oh babe this will only end in tears, put the broom down!


Hubby: …


Hubby: what?

Me: Oh My God! Move over, let me see the damage!

Hubby: What? I missed!

Me: No babe, you didn’t.

Hubby: … I’m pretty sure that was already there…

We can so kiss the security deposit goodbye.

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2 Responses to Who knew a broom could do that much destruction?

  1. I hate flying bugs. (Incident sound like us when the small-ish snake got in the house last summer: hubby the snake wrangler…)
    Find out what brand the floor is…they make filler!

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