Time travel, all you need is wine.

PHEW! My mother just left for home after a FANTASTIC visit with me and Hubby.

It was 4 days of mother daughter hijinks with a crazed Hubby following after us with band aids and fire extinguishers… I swear you set a room on fire once during a past visit and suddenly you’re both a “hazard”.

Well we had a great time and since I have to leave for a kickball game in 15 minutes I’m just going to give you one story from the 4 days of sock throwing, hammer malfunctioning, so that’s what our fire alarm sounds like, and someone drank all our wine Awesomeness.

On mom’s second day of visiting I decided to take her on a wine tasting.  You gotta love Portland for having over 100 wineries in a 30 mile radius. Hubby decided not to come as mom had checked her emails on his laptop and now it was beeping and flashing a mysterious blue light every 30 seconds.

I was being a very good daughter/designated driver during our wine trip and let mom have pretty much all of the tastings, while I would take a sip here and there.  At winery #5, our last tasting of the day, the owner offered us a taste from a bottle that goes for $120 retail. 

We were very excited… maybe too excited. 

Me: Okay that smell is amazing, I’m can’t wait to taste it!

*GULP* ( I was gonna type *sip* but I was pretty sure some of my regular readers would have called BS)

Me: hhmmm… I kinda thought the taste would grab me by the tongue.

Mom: You thought it would take you back in time?!?

Me: What!?! No I said tongue, TONGUE… Okay we’ve had enough.

Mom: Hey! I’m not the one who thinks wine will cause me to time travel! And honey a tongue wont help you either… but a Tardis would.

Me: MOTHER! I have NEVER been so proud of you, as I am at this very moment!!

Wine Owner: What’s a Tardis?

Mom: Dude!

Me: Okay I take it back, NOW I’ve never been so proud of you.

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1 Response to Time travel, all you need is wine.

  1. Andrew says:

    Yeah a Tardis or a jug of wine, will definitely bring the time travel.

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