WOW! I Mean… WOW!

The minute I clicked the publish button on my I’m sad post yesterday, I was hit with a feeling of dread.

Not the current “I’m the whale falling through the sky from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, after he realized the was about to hit the ground” dread. No it was more of a “Oh My God! I just told everyone about something I’ve been trying SO hard to hide… AAAAHHHHHHHH!” dread.

Well thank goodness I hit that button. Almost instantly I was getting texts, emails, phone calls and replies from so many wonderful, caring people.  Seriously it was amazing. Within an hour I felt like that huge black cloud that had enveloped my whole being had become a faint mist that was barely holding on due to all the huge rays of sunshine and happiness that were being showered down on me.

I also learned some interesting things about my friends:

1. Pretty much all of my friends have seen, or are currently seeing, a therapist, and ALL believe I should see there’s… picking will be hard.

2. My friends will love me through anything, even when I don’t feel like being funny or entertaining… mind blown!

3. Once my friends had made sure I understood #2 they then said they would KILL ME if I ever tried to hide these sad feelings from them again… *sniff* that’s so sweet.

4. Some friends expressed relief to see that I could actually feel sadness, apparently there had been some concern that I was a cyborg sent to Earth to gather information and then take over the entire world once engaged by my alien handlers… although this was revealed after several drinks during the “MONA IS SAD” Happy Hour… we really will use any excuse to drink.

5. My friends really will take over a small country for me. It’s true, we have a first draft of our attack plan on several cocktail napkins. Tuvalu! We’re coming for you!!

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Wifey, Blogger,Dog Mom, Huge Nerd, and One Hellofafriend! (Seriously, I have references). SHINY!!
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3 Responses to WOW! I Mean… WOW!

  1. Kim says:

    Mine! 😉

  2. Why a small country?…more napkins…think big!

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