And That’s How My Kickball Team Got Taken Out By a Small Convertible

I love my kickball team, Tiaras & Ascots.  You all know this as I’ve posted about their awesomeness a MILLION times.

But, I have to admit, I love our team mascot, Nigel, just a tiny bit more

WELL COME ON, Look at that face!!!!
p.s. Yes, that is a beer pack on his back and yes he does come to the command, “Nigel, Beer Me!”.

Back to what I was saying, I do love our team mascot but I’m beginning to think he may not love our team, as much as say… a ball.

Nigel like loves freaks the fuck out over balls. And one day our team made the mistake of standing next to a kickball.

Now, you need to understand, Nigel is basically the size of a Beetle Convertible.

And during our games he is always securely tethered, on a long leash, to an “immoveable” object.

So lets recap, entire team standing in a group, next to ball, all within leash distance of a very excitable Nigel.

What follows was not captured by film, but I have created an artistic rendition for your visual aid.

Dude, it was crazy, he clothesline the whole group! Tiaras, ascots, and beers were flying everywhere! Luckily no one was hurt… that badly. And an important lesson was learned; NOTHING will stop Nigel from getting a ball, not even an entire kickball team.

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1 Response to And That’s How My Kickball Team Got Taken Out By a Small Convertible

  1. Oh, Nigel – you’re the winner! (I mean look at that face!) Who could complain?….well, after the scrapes and wounds heal it will be funnier? What a dog!

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