It should always end with a rainbow glitter bomb… or you’re doing it wrong.

So my Dornish Wine Revenge went off perfectly against Jake and I have to admit I was really giving myself a pat on the back for my revenge genius… until.

I received a post from my friend Ty and realized that when it comes to revenge, I’m a noob.

Ty: Your plan was creative, but Jake knows that’s he’s going to have a John Snow (aka bastard) at some point and has accepted it. So he probably wasn’t as embarrassed as you were at the wine shop.  Plus you just gave him a free bottle of wine.  It’s like you are giving him a prize for pranking you.

Me:… DUDE! I knew I should have gone with the ‘Congrats on Coming Out’ singing telegram!!

Ty: Yup and they glitter bomb him at the end with rainbow glitter.

Me: oooooohhhhhhhhhh rainbow glitter bomb, NICE! I’m coming to you for all my revenge ideas next time!!

RAINBOW GLITTER BOMB… you’re doing it right.

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