Free ice cream… it’s a bitch.

So my work decided to be awesome and gave us a summer treat which included all the makings for sundaes. 


Not wanting to take the chance of someone grabbing my box of delicious awesomeness before I got home, I had my box delivered to work… I really should have thought that out more.

So, Friday my box of ice cream happiness and joy arrives… and it’s a little heavy… okay a LOT heavy.

see my foot for size ratio

 My original plan of just walking the 3 miles home while caring box of ice cream heaven is quickly thrown out the window.

I hunt on-line and find a Car2Go only 9 blocks away from my work, PERFECT!… again, really should have thought that out more.

Just the walk to the elevator has created a little sheen of sweat on my brow.  But I pressed on, I mean it’s only 9 blocks… how hard could it be?

Block 9 – No Problem, I’ve totally got this.

Block 8 – Okay arms are beginning to tingle a bit, but I got this.

Block 7 – Really starting to sweat now, and the shaking is new, but *grunt* I got this.

Block 6 – Shaking uncontrollable, arms on fire, maybe I should just readjust,I got… I DON’T GOT THIS! *CRASH*

Block 5 – Alright trying to carry it on head was a mistake, but that little lie down was nice, and now I’m refreshed and ready to go.


Block 3 – *sniff* *whimper* I can’t do it, it’s too heavy *sob* I’m not worthy of its sundae deliciousness inside.

Block 2 – COME ON!! You’re almost there. DON’T BE A PUSSY!! I can see the car!! YOU’RE AN ANIMAL, POWER THROUGH!!!

Block 1 – Fuck this. I’m leaving it here, I don’t want it *kick* ooohhh it moved *kick* *kick* *kick*

I finally got the box to the car and when I arrived home, called Hubby to come down and carry it up.

Hubby: Holy Crap! What happened to it!? Is that how it arrived?? It looks like someone kicked the shit out of it!!

Me: um.. ya.. Fedex… wow… really gone downhill…

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2 Responses to Free ice cream… it’s a bitch.

  1. Shonnie says:


  2. Shonnie says:

    Hey … you worked off your ice cream before you ate it! Look at you go!

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