Death by Bacon… not as cool as you would think.

So Hubby and I stopped for a “quick” “bite” yesterday.  It’s wasn’t quick… and most definitely was NOT a bite.

I give you… Hubby’s burger.


Hubby: What?

Me: That’s a walking heart attack!

Hubby: No, it’s the Boogy Burger Special, 8 ounces of meat!

Me: Does that include the bacon?

Hubby:… no.

Me: Why don’t they include the bacon weight along with the beef?

Hubby: Cause it doesn’t usually come with bacon. But, when I asked for bacon, I didn’t realize they would be putting it between every patty… a happy surprise.

Me: Hold on, I need to check our insurance policy online. Does death by bacon count as an accidental death or suicide?

Hubby: You over exaggerate, it’s not that bad.

one hour later

Hubby: Oh God *burp* I’m dying.

Me: Told you so.

Hubby: Not *urp* helping

Me: I can’t believe you ate that entire mass of fat… and a large fries.

Hubby: No, it was a small fries and I left 5.

Me:… way to show restraint babe.

Long story short, he survived and has sworn off meat… that should last for about another hour.

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2 Responses to Death by Bacon… not as cool as you would think.

  1. Nic says:

    Your hubby is a CHAMP. And now I’m craving bacon.

  2. You’re sure it was one burger and not a meat department? Seriously hilarious. (burps noted)

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