I am NOT Freaking Wonder Woman

So as I’ve mentioned before, me and a few of my favorite ladies are on a healthy eating, TONS of excercise kick, and as you may have guessed… it sucks. No, that’s too negative, how about some things suck and some things don’t suck quite as much.

The best part of it is that I have a fitness center in my building that Susan and I have both joined.

The worst part of it is that I have a fitness center in my building that Susan and I have both joined.

DUDE! I have absolutely no excuse for not going everyday. It’s only an elevator ride away!

And if I find an excuse… Susan will just come up and drag my lazy ass down there anyways.  Seriously, she is WAY more motivated than me.

So this is the reason I found myself sitting in a Pilates class last night when I would have much rather been in bed with a bag of Doritos…. the forbidden food.

Well it ended up that everyone else had that same brilliant idea and had skipped class, so it was just me, Susan, and the instructor.

Instructor: Any requests?


Instructor: Good! Love the enthusiasm! Mona, how about you?

Me: um, maybe some nice stretching?

Instructor: …

Susan: …

Me: …

Class started with some ab strengthening, then some leg repetitions, and then dove into a butt, abs, legs attack that I was pretty certain had been developed by the CIA for interrogating terrorists… seriously, I cried a little… okay a lot.

So imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning with NO pain! “Holy Crap”, I thought, “I’m freaking Wonder Woman!”.  With this declaration still echoing in my head I leapt out of bed, and fell flat on my face.

The reason for no pain was because I had lost all feelings and use of my legs.

Hubby: You okay?

Me: Ya… but I’m not Wonder Woman.

Hubby: … okay.

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