Getting to know you, getting to know all about… HOLY SH%&!

So Hubby and I have been in our apartment for about 2 months now and I’m making a point to get to know all of our neighbors.

Me: Babe, I just met our neighbors Mark and Carl, I think they’re brothers!

Hubby: Which one’s are they?

Me: Down the hall 2 doors, big bearded scary dudes with tattoos. They’re totally nice!

Couple days later Hubby ran into them in the elevator and learned something new.

Hubby: So big bearded brother neighbors are gay.

Me: Seriously?? Wow they totally don’t look it, are you sure?

Hubby: Ya, was on the elevator with them and Mark was telling me a funny story about Carl and at the end Carl squealed and smacked Mark on the shoulder calling him a “meany” and then Mark giggled… gay.

Me:… that’s Awesome! We have rugged gay neighbors. We’ve never had that before!

That evening I had an uncontrollable craving for a slushy and no desire to put pants on so Hubby and I had a vicious rock, paper, scissors competition, where I totally didn’t cheat… and he ended up having to run next door to 7-11… ps LOVE having a 7-11 next door.

Hubby came back loaded with 3 bags of snack food.

Me: Babe! What the hell!?

Hubby: Not my fault! Got on the elevator with the 2 big gay bearded brothers and their buddies. Don’t know what they had been smoking but holy crap did I get the munchies!

Me: Sweet! We have a pot hookup!!

Hubby: We don’t smoke it.

Me: I know, but still… it’s good to have a hookup… just incase.

After all of this, I really didn’t think there was anything else we could learn about Mark and Carl that we didn’t already know… until last night when Hubby came into the apartment from getting the mail.

Hubby: The 2 big gay bearded brothers… ARE NOT BROTHERS!

Me: What!?

Hubby: I was downstairs, waiting for the elevator, and when it opened, there they were… MAKING OUT!

Me: SHUT UP!! They totally looked like brothers… although this makes more sense… I mean what are the odds that both brothers would be gay… well probably not that hard to believe. I bet if I google search gay brothers there’d be some statistics.

Hubby: I bet if you google search gay brothers you’d find more than statistics.

Me: EYW! Thanks for that image! Well what did you do?

Hubby: Nothing, just said ‘hi’ and got on cause they were getting off.


Hubby: MONA!

Me: What!?!? You were giving that one to me, I had to say it!

Hubby: I’m not ready to joke about it yet.

Me: Okay… sorry… …. …. how about now?

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