Has Star Trek taught us NOTHING!?!?!?

Well civil war broke out in our house last night, and for once it was NOT my fault … well not really… well kind of … well shit.

Okay it started with my sister in law posting a video of her baby boy walking for the first time… ADORABLE!

I leaned over CIA Cat to show the video to Hubby, sitting next to me on the couch, the whole time screeching that this was, “THE CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!”

CIA Cat was not impressed, neither with the video nor me leaning over her, so she showed her disapproval the only way she knew how, she bit me… on. the. boob.

I scream…

Hubby retaliates by yelling at CIA Cat and kicking her off the couch…

CIA Cat retaliates by peeing on Hubby’s new rug…

Hubby retaliates by locking her in the bathroom…

CIA Cat retaliates by crapping on the floor…

Hubby retaliates by…


Hubby: What?

Me: BABE has Star Trek taught us nothing!?!?!

Hubby: … what?

Me: This is just like that episode with the guy with the black and white face, fighting the guy with the white and black face!

Hubby: … again, what??

Me: They were both from the same planet and looked exactly the same except each having opposite face colors, so they fought constantly and when the Enterprise took them back to their planet, there was no one left alive because everyone on the planet had killed each other!

Hubby: …

Me: And instead of just realizing that no one could win their stupid opposite face color war, the two guys instead beamed down to the planet and kept fighting until they both killed each other!

Hubby: … are you seriously comparing me and CIA Cat to this?

Me: YES! It’s exactly the same thing!!

Hubby: HOW? She peed on my rug!

Me: Hey some mornings your aims not all that great and my bath mat pays the price!


Me: No you don’t and I appreciate that, one of the reasons I married you.

Hubby: …

Me: DAMMIT MAN, I’M TRYING TO BRING AROUND PEACE IN THIS CRAZY FELINE WAR… hahahahahahhahahaha… come on, that was pretty funny.

Hubby: Your Captain Kirk impersonation is horrible.

Me: That was Bones!

Hubby: oh… okay fine, but she can’t sit on the couch!

Me: Thank. You… Your… kindness… is… muchappreciated.

Hubby: Okay your McCoy is getting better.


Peace… for now…

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6 Responses to Has Star Trek taught us NOTHING!?!?!?

  1. littlemissyogi says:

    Bahahah ahhmazing

  2. Nic says:

    Haha! I shall now compare all of feuds in my life to the Star Trek opposite-face-color war. Loved this!

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