Finally! I’m not the dumbest person in this relationship!

Don’t get me wrong with the title, I’m not dumb… it’s just, sometimes I will say something that will make me pause and wonder how I’m able to put pants on in the morning.

But not this time! Hubby finally slipped up and allowed me to feel superior… for like 40 seconds.

Hubby: This ice cream taste weird.

Me: It’s pistachio.

Hubby: I know, but it has a weird texture.

Me: It’s pistachio.

Hubby: Ya, but it’s crunchy.

Me: It’s. Pistachio.

Hubby: Stop saying that! I know it’s pistachio! But that doesn’t explain why it’s crunchy!!

Me: Ya sure about that?

Hubby: Yes I… oh… crap.

Me: YES!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!! *cough* *choke* *hack*

Hubby: You okay?

Me: *gasp* Oh My God! I totally choked on something. I thought I was gonna die!! What was it!?!?

Hubby: … a pistachio

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5 Responses to Finally! I’m not the dumbest person in this relationship!

  1. jsh0608 says:

    My husband is one that is hardly dumb so to speak. He is always right. But the one or two times in 6 1/2 years has made me feel superior also. And my husband would have said the same thing if I was choking. Hehe. :0)

  2. kelihasablog says:

    That is hilarious… Don’t you just love it when you get them like that…. LOL.

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