It’s okay to love your toys… just don’t lllooooovvvveeee your toys

So as I last posted, Hubby and I have FINALLY gotten a puppy. 

And like all new parents, we are spoiling the bajeesus out of him.

We’ve had him a full week and I have purchased over 8 toys for him already… I blame PetSmart, they have 4 aisles dedicated just to doggie toys… HOW CAN I JUST GET ONE!?!?

Anywho,  I gave Orko one of his new toys yesterday as a bribe.

Yes, I bribe my puppy.

Don’t judge me.

I was going to a wine tasting and wanted him to be happy while I was gone.

Yes, I left my new puppy for wine.


Anywho, I was only at the tasting for about 5 minutes when I got the following text from Hubby:

Hubby: I had to take the new toy away from Orko.

Me: WHY!?!? It was my wine bribery toy!!!

Hubby:… He “loved” it.

Me: Well ya, it’s almost as big as him and has all sorts of fun squeeky things on it, of course he loved it.

Hubby:… no… he LOVED it…

Me: … you mean …

Hubby: … ya

Me: NO! He’s only 9 weeks!!! HOW DOES HE KNOW TO DO THAT!?!?!

Hubby: Trust me babe, guys just know.

Me: … *whimper* My little baby puppy… I have to go drink to forget now.

Hubby: Good luck.

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6 Responses to It’s okay to love your toys… just don’t lllooooovvvveeee your toys

  1. Collegedog says:

    Haha, it’s impossible to buy just one toy, especially for puppies. That’s why the pet industry is booming! I wouldn’t take it to heart too much, little puppies (including girls) just do that with their toys.

  2. Wazeau says:

    Better his toy than your leg…

  3. Keyla says:

    I dog-sit a little schnauzer (about 20 lbs of dog) occasionally and she “loves” my german shephard, Abby (a solid 60 lbs of dog) sometimes… So it’s even a girl-on-girl thing with dogs if there’s nothing else available I guess! My dog, Abby just ignores the little one & walks away, and all I can think is “tiny little weirdo”.

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