First Puppy Play Date aka I KILL YOU!!!

So Orko, my 7.5 pound mini Australian puppy, had his very first doggy play date last weekend… with Nigel… the 160 pound English Mastiff… ya.

Some of you are probably screaming animal abuse, well you wouldn’t be wrong.

Orko beat the crap out of Nigel.  It was brutal. Although, to be fair, Nigel’s mom, Tracy, made Nigel stay down and at some points held his paws so he wouldn’t accidently swat Orko through the wall, in all the excitment.

Once Orko figured out his play mate couldn’t move… well he kinda became an asshole… and there’s video proof. 

The first meeting moment:

The I’m king of the mountain moment:


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8 Responses to First Puppy Play Date aka I KILL YOU!!!

  1. Kim says:

    OMG. Poor Nigel!!!!!

  2. Big dogs always seem to be so tolerant….ya have to watch the wild little guys!

  3. Wazeau says:

    Totally low blow going for the butt to get the toy released… Those little dogs, relentless!

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  5. Tracy says:

    I want to play these videos on repeat on day llooonnng!!!

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