This war will never end, because I’m a dumbass.

So CIA Cat and new puppy Orko are still not getting along.

Well that’s not entirely true.  Orko wants to get along with CIA Cat, but everytime he tries (by bringing her his favorite toy or treat) she will slap the shit out of him and being the dumb loveable puppy he is, he’ll just run back to her. Which is basically the puppy equivalent of “THANK YOU MA’AM, MAY I PLEASE HAVE ANOTHER?!”… which she gives him.

So to end this one sided war, I purchased a dog gate to keep those two separated. CIA Cat gets the bedroom, hallway, and bathroom.  While Orko gets the living room and kitchen.

AND to be super nice to CIA Cat, it has a little kitty door at the bottom so she can have all the rooms if she wants, but Orko is still limited to the living room and kitchen… at least that was the plan.

When the gate went up CIA Cat was not amused and just stood at the end of the hall looking at it and me with a stare that had “you bitch” written all over it.

I sat at the other end of the gate calling her over and attempting to bribe her with treats to get her to go through the little kitty door at the bottom of the gate. Finally after 10 minutes she finally did, either out of  greed, for all the treats I was piling up on the other side of the door, or boredom or sheer embarrassment at the voices I was using to call her name.

I was ecstatic.  FINALLY I had come up with a way to bring peace to our household!! That is until Orko than came down the hall and walked through the kitty door too… FFFFUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!

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4 Responses to This war will never end, because I’m a dumbass.

  1. We have cheap Big Lot child gates up since RC and Molly the energetic mauling malamute mostly grown puppy are still establishing …uh, the ability to get along. The cat simply sails over the gates ( the dog could, but doesn’t…no paws on top of the gate, Molly! They can stare at each other ( which annoys the dog no end) and the cat can reach through and poke the dog. At night the cat has the entire house as the dog sleeps in her crate – I know, but she’s destructive, and was pretty feral, so if she decides, carpet is as good as grass for ..uh, rest stops.
    Once the cat does a bed check to make sure the dog is asleep, she’s off throughout the house. They are beginning to tolerate each other with a little respect. Soon I hope not to have to hop fences to get around the house.
    Sounds like you are making normal progress. Hang in there.

  2. That is so funny. When I was reading it I was thinking is it a one way cat door… Boy is my brain special!

  3. Lol I did not see that ending coming. You mean your cat door is not cat-shaped? Weird.

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