Don’t panic, that’s just his penis

Okay the title totally gives away the punch line of the story of my stupidity, but I don’t care, cause it’s funny.

So story time, Orko is the first puppy I’ve ever owned.  So I’m constantly learning knew things about him.

1. Puppy’s LOVE peanut butter

2. Puppy’s are scared easily by loud noises

3. Puppy’s bolt when scared by loud noises

4. Puppy’s leash should be held tightly when walking outside where puppy can hear loud noises.

5. Puppy has a penis…

Okay now I thought I had known #5 already… but no… no I hadn’t.

Let me explain, if you’ve never had a boy dog this will all be new information to you and you will totally understand my confusion. If you have had a boy dog, then, well, just shut up and stop laughing.

So last week I was giving Orko a belly rub. Orko LOVES belly rubs, almost more then he loves peanut butter.  Trust me that’s saying something. This is a dog that took out 2 grown adults with his leash while attempting to get to a spoon of peanut butter I had accidentally dropped in the kitchen… but I digress.

SO, me. Orko. Belly Rub. and then “it” happened.

I caught a glimpse of something bright red down by his wee wee and I instantly thought he’d hurt himself and was bleeding… Shut up dog owners. 

SO I pin him down on his back and quickly start brushing away the fur down by his wee wee to see what was so red… well that just made more red appear… seriously stop laughing. 

I am now freaking out and scream for Hubby to come because my new puppy is seriously wounded.  He ran over, looked, closed his eyes, and sighed…

Hubby: “Babe, stop giving the puppy a hand job.”


Hubby:… no he’s not.


Hubby:… that’s his penis…

Me:… no it’s not…

Hubby: ya, ya it is.

Me: But that’s his penis *gesturing to faux penis*

Hubby: No that’s the prepuce, the sheath of skin that covers the penis. The red you are seeing is his penis sticking out.

Me:… oh… I’m gonna go wash my hands.

Hubby: That’s a good idea.

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13 Responses to Don’t panic, that’s just his penis

  1. I learned this the same way with my first boy cat. I thought his cat innards were coming out! I ran showing it to my mom. Who told me it was his kitten winky. I was 25.

  2. falling over funny. Really – just hilarious situation written just perfectly.

  3. yourothermotherhere says:

    Reblogged this on breastfedblog.

  4. hrockwel says:

    Thanks for the ab workout. You funny. 🙂

  5. Shonnie says:

    hahahahahaha ….. you are a riot!

  6. Hahaha! This one’s very funny. The title caught my attention. It sounded real weird. I thought it’s something “Dirty”. But when I started reading, I find this post cute. And I swear, I laughed my heart out! 🙂

  7. littlemissyogi says:

    Bahaha oh my dear, that is too funny! I had this happen to me when I was sitting and giving a belly rub to a friend’s dog. Gah!

  8. O.M.G. This is brand new information for me and I’m glad you went through it first so I can be prepared in the future. I’m a little traumatized.

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