The End is Near!… time to exercise.

Hubby and I are hard-core surfers… channel surfers that is. 

We will not stay on a channel longer then 2 seconds before moving on to something else.

This could drive some couples mad, but Hubby and I have set up some basic rules to keep the peace:

Rule #1 The holder of the remote must give up first show choice to the couch sitter.

Rule #2 When the couch sitter sees something that they want to watch, the holder of the remote MUST stay on that channel for a minimum of 15 minutes.

Rule #3 After the 15 minutes have passed  the holder of the remote is then in charge of picking the next show that will be watched.

There are more rules involved covering bathroom breaks, muting, snack runs, and when guests are over.  But for now you really just need to know about the first three.

SO last weekend Hubby was the holder of the remote and I was enjoying the power of the couch sitter and savoring the first show choice.

Hubby was clicking like mad through all the channels when I saw it:


Hubby: Which channel?

Me: 20!

Hubby: Seriously? Local broadcast??

Me: YES! It said Zombie Exercise Class!! How cool is that?! I wonder what they’ll be doing? The 10k zombies are behind you sprint, or how to hurdle the fallen fatties, maybe some bash in their brains arm punches?!?!?

Hubby: Ya, you read it wrong, it’s Zumba Exercise Class… for senior citizens. AND that was your 15 minute choice!


God Bless You Google Image Search!

God Bless You Google Image Search!

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2 Responses to The End is Near!… time to exercise.

  1. (Oooops, sorry. fell off the chair with laughter)
    15 min of Zumba Zombies or seniors…your choice of interpretation? NOOOOOOO!
    (What no “you’re it, I quit options?)
    Great post

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