I’m fat because I LOVE YOU!

I just read this amazing article about how you can tell how happy a married couple is by how fat they are! And if they’re married and skinny then they must be REALLY unhappy and considering divorce!!!

Okay maybe that’s not exactly what it said (here’s the link to the article for you to judge) but anywho it got me thinking.

I’ve easily packed on 20 pounds since Hubby and I walked down the aisle almost 12 years ago… but Hubby… has not gained a pound… in fact I think he’s lost weight!!

This realization was very disturbing for me, but being the sound rational person that I am, I approached the subject with Hubby very subtly.


Hubby: Because you drink directly out of the carton!

Me: I JUST READ THAT…. wait… what?

Hubby: HA! How’s it feel to be completely confused by one sentence?!?

Me:… I don’t like it.

Hubby: Welcome to my world, you’re constantly stressing me out with your crazy outbursts!

Me: Oh… must be hard to put on weight when you’re constantly stressed out.

Hubby: You’re telling me! I eat twice as much as the rest of the guys, but don’t gain a pound! I should be huge, but I think I’m actually losing weight!!

Me:  aaahhhhhhh babe, you love me!

Hubby: Well duh… but seriously, stop drinking out of the carton.



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6 Responses to I’m fat because I LOVE YOU!

  1. Pittycent says:

    The first pic is hillarious Mona!

  2. Shonnie says:

    You are such a nut …. but that is why I like you. My hubby and workout together so that we … uhhh …. uhhhh…. so …. uhhh… so we can have more fun. Whew … I was afraid I was gonna have to spell it out. 😀

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