I blame my parents for leaving the chicken out of my sex talk.

One of my gal pals, Emma, is having a birthday bash this weekend at a VERY swanky restaurant.

Since I’ve never been I decided to check out their menu online… dude. Here’s just a couple things from the Small Plates menu:

Grilled Cardoncello Mushroom, Garlic Toast, Arugula, Grated Yolk $8
Chicken Liver Mousse, Pumpernickel, Pickled Egg $9
Raw Brussel Sprout Salad, Golden Raisins, Angostura Vinaigrette, Crispy Pig Ears $11

I quickly posted on Emma’s Facebook birthday event page to discuss my concerns.

Me: $9 for A pickled egg!?!?… this better be the worlds GREATEST pickled egg ever!!

Emma: Well to be fair it is technically an entire chicken so $9 for a pickled chicken doesn’t seem so bad now does it?

Me: DUDE!!!! There’s a chicken IN the egg…. *glarp*…. sounds delightful

Ashley: There’s an entire chicken in the egg?! That doesn’t seem sanitary.

Emma: Obviously your parents never had the sex talk with you.


Ashley: It was the most uncomfortable 4 minutes of my life … Oh wait you mean the talk …

Me: … dude.

Susan: I love you people.

Ya, this is definitly going to be an interesting evening…

This picture made me snort coffee... enjoy.

This picture made me snort coffee… enjoy.

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