I don’t need your pity!… I get enough from my dog

So, was watching some Westminster Dog Show last night, cause I’m a dog owner now and that’s what we dog owners do… right?

Anywho, I got excited extremely excited holy shit losing my mind excited when the Herding Group came on and out walked an Australian Shepherd that looked JUST like Orko.

I grabbed my phone to record, what I was sure to be, an erratic display of excitement by Orko at seeing himself on tv… I was severely disappointed… until Orko felt pity for me and threw me a bone…

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3 Responses to I don’t need your pity!… I get enough from my dog

  1. Keyla says:

    Haha, that’s cute. My dog, Abby loves watching documentaries with bears, moose, wolves… she’s fascinated with the TV sometimes but bears & wolves actually get her lazy butt off the couch – she goes & stands right in front of the TV.

  2. Oh we missed last night (they rarely show Bouviers, so I’ve been snubbing them back)
    The German was totally uninterested in TV, but Molly has certain commercials she loves…she wants to run around behind the TV when the scene is over to find the dog. She doesn’t like certain people on TV – and barks and barks at them.
    Orko did cooperate – even if it took a while – cute!

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