My dog has excellent taste in literature… literally

Me: Well, we now know that Orko has excellent taste in literature, he ate one of my Harry Potter books.

Ashley: Which one?

Me: The Half Blood Prince.

Ashley: I would have figured Deathly Hollows, kind of like a payback for killing Fred.

Me: I think it was the death of Dumbledore that really pushed him over the edge.

bad dog


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7 Responses to My dog has excellent taste in literature… literally

  1. Keyla says:

    The day my dog, Abby, graduated from Puppy School (PetSmart) we got a picture of her in a little grad cap and a certificate… I got home, loaded up the grad picture to facebook all proud… then I realize I hear silence (never a good thing when you have a puppy), Abby had pulled the grad certificate off the table and shredded it. I put it back together on the table as much as I could so you could tell it was the certificate and took another picture… I gave both pictures to the puppy school trainer in a thank you card, she says it’s still up in their break room (two years later). I wish I could share the pictures, too funny.

  2. Marie Anne says:

    Uh oh, hope it was just a cheap paperback copy! I’m always worried my dog is going to get into my hardback collection – I keep them locked up ever since he chewed up my journals. Though, that might be our fault for teaching him to rip up junk mail and bills… Some commentary on my writing, either way!

  3. Jeyna Grace says:

    Hahahaha! This is a good one!

  4. Shonnie says:

    hahaha … well … I love a dog who reads. What can I say … terrible he got so worked up that he ate it. 😀

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