Apparently it’s not a good smoothie unless you’ve paid $600 for it…

This conversation is for all you readers out there who thought I was the crazy one in this relationship… HA!

Hubby: I think we should get healthy.

Me: Love this idea!  I really need to lose some inches, I’m on the low zipper.

Hubby: .. the what?

Me: You know, when your pants are so tight that you can’t button the top button?  Well I’m at the point where my pants are so tight, I can’t even zip em up.

Hubby: Okay, this explains all the long shirts you’ve been wearing.

Me: Word.

Hubby: Why don’t you just buy bigger pants?

Me: That’s quitter talk!! Besides, you just said we’re getting healthy, so I don’t need to buy new pants, as I’ll be all thin and fit soon. So what’s our game plan? Jogging, lifting weights, eating healthy?

Hubby: All of that… and smoothies.

Me: mmmmmm smoothies, time to break out the old Magic Bullet from storage.

Hubby: I kinda thought we would need something more… powerful.

Me: But babe, the Magic Bullet is a bullet… that’s magical… ya can’t get more powerful than that!

Hubby: I was thinking we could get the Blendtec Blender.

Me: Never heard of it.

Hubby: It’s the same blender they use at Jamba Juice!


Hubby: Babe it’s amazing! Its got a 4 inch blade, 13 amps, 1560 watts, direct drive motor, and solid state electronics.

Me: I think you just described a car.

Hubby: … and it’s only $600.

Me: WHAT!?!? You ARE talking about a car!!

Hubby: Oh be serious! You can’t get a car for $600.

Me: OLIVER!!!  My first car, olive green Subaru sedan, $500!!

Hubby: And it’s engine blew up!

Me: Not his fault! I forgot to give him oil… for like 2 years. AND I was able to find a used engine for under a $100 so even then, he’s still cheaper than your blender! And he was a CAR! A drive down the road, carry passengers, CAR!! Can your blender do that!?! Can it take us around town, while blending a delicious strawberry banana smoothie at the same time!?!?!

Hubby: Okay, you’re just being crazy now.

Me: … I’m being crazy!?!?!

The dude's blending an iPad... how... why... WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?

The dude’s blending an iPad… how… why… WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?

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4 Responses to Apparently it’s not a good smoothie unless you’ve paid $600 for it…

  1. Becky says:

    So with you on this one. However, this conversation sounds suspiciously like the one my hubby and I had with regard to a computer we recently purchased. Had to marry a gamer….

  2. I just found out how fancy blenders are because my brother in law wanted one…. and now I keep hearing about them!
    I never thought blenders would be the next big thing!!!

  3. At least he did his homework on the blender’s specs. You have to appreciate a man with support for his argument.

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