And that’s how I caused mass hysteria on public transport

I would just like to start this blog, the same way I start most of my stories that end in total and complete mayhem, by stating that it was NOT. MY. FAULT… okay maybe a little bit.

This is how it went down. It’s Monday morning… that in itself should already explain plenty, no one is in their right mind on Monday morning.

SO, I’m sitting on the bus when I hear the following behind me…

*gasp* *gurgle* *groan*

 Now again it’s Monday morning, so I shrug it off as someone having a pretty hard time recovering from the weekend, but it starts getting louder…


 Then my imagination starts being a dick…

 Imagination: Ya know what that sounds like Mona?

Me: I don’t care, shut up, go away.

Imagination: that sounds like… The Walking Dead!

Me:Dude, not cool. And no it doesn’t…


 Imagination: Oh. My. God. You’re gonna die!

Me: SHUT UP! It’s just someone having a REALLY hard time getting going this morning and needs some coffee.

Imagination: Ya, someone having a hard time cause they’re dead and not wanting coffee but the brains of the living!!

Me: I hate you so much right now.

Imagination: It’s probably already eaten everybody behind us and is doing its slow zombie walk towards you… brains… Brains… BRAINS!!!

At that moment the poor person behind me decided to pull the cord for the next stop and their hand brushed up against my shoulder.


This is when I discovered that everyone around me had been having the same conversation with their own imaginations, because my scream caused the entire bus population to either scream and/or jump out off their seats, and I shit you not, one guy went into ninja stance.

The groaning, gurgling, gasping, and grunting had stopped because who had been causing it was an old man’s bull dog that had been sitting at the very back of the bus, and was now unconscious.

It had either fainted from all of us turning suddenly and screaming at it … or had possibly died…

I would prefer to go with fainting as the other would be too much to handle on a Monday morning.



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2 Responses to And that’s how I caused mass hysteria on public transport

  1. Oh, you had me! Old dog! Terrific job of writing

  2. zombieslice says:

    Eerily, this sounds like what goes on in my head as well. Made me actually LOL. Loved it

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