Holy Sh*t, I Have Superpowers!!

So last weekend me and some of my favorite ladies had a spring clothing exchange.

For those of you that don’t know what this is, you’re weird… but I’ll still explain.

All of your friends gather together with clothes they don’t wear anymore. Either the clothes are  too big, too small, too loud, or just too… something. 

Everyone also brings a couple bottles of wine, not to exchange but to drink. You need some liquid courage when you’re stripping down naked in front of a room full of women who all have better bodies then you, even though they’re all thinking that you have a better body then them and you’re thinking they’re crazy and they wish they had your boobs, and you wish you had their legs, and so on and so on, but anywho… I digress.

Once the clothes are laid out and the wine glasses are in hand, all hell breaks loose.

It’s a ‘first grab, first have’ kinda thing. So there’s a lot of pushing, shoving, biting, kicking, and general good times as you fight for that blue chiffon dress that you are positive you will die if you don’t get, but in reality you’ll probably just  wear it once and then throw it in the back of your closet to only be brought back out when it’s time to go to another clothing exchange, it’s a vicious, vicious clothing hording circle… but I digress.

So the main craziness was dying down and I decided to document the awesomeness and screamed out “HEY! LOOK AT ME, RAISE YOUR HANDS, AND SAY HHHEEEYYYYY!”

and they did…

But upon further examination, I realized that they weren’t the only ones who did… direct your gaze to the tv… here, I’ll help.

Close up


BAM… your mind blow.

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2 Responses to Holy Sh*t, I Have Superpowers!!

  1. My mind was blown by the room full of naked ladies ogling each other enviously. Lol!

  2. Such a funny post. I love that you watch the supportive geriatric station. It seems like a really fun idea to suggest to my gf’s too 🙂

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