You live in Phoenix now… try not to kill your dog

So there are some important things to take into account when you move from the Northern Hemisphere to the Southern Hemisphere… okay I know Arizona is not in the Southern Hemisphere, but it feels like it.  I mean come on, 107 degrees and it’s not even the “hot” season yet… COME ON!

Anywho, first thing to take into account is shorts, buy like a million of them, the only thing you should have more of than shorts is flip flops.

I’m serious.

You’ll need your around the house flip flops, your hanging out with friends flip flops, your date night flip flops, your formal occasion flip flops.  You Northerners probably think I’m kidding, but the flip flop selection here is so vast, it’s like… it’s like… I’m trying to think of a good comparison to help you grasp the vastness…

GOT IT! It’s like the locally brewed beer selection in Portland! I know, that’s vast.

The second thing to take into account is the amount of time you spend outdoors doing activities, more specifically doing outdoor activities with your dog… it wasn’t my fault. Granted I say that a lot, but seriously, it wasn’t.

Hubby and I decided to take Orko to a local dog park… to play some frisbee… during the day… without water… okay it was my fault… please don’t send hate mail, seriously I hate myself enough.

After about 20 minutes of some hard-core frisbee play, which was just a starter for him in Portland, Orko was starting to look a lot like Gene Simmons… seriously.

gene-simmons-tongueOrko Tongue

(I love the woman in Orko’s picture, I can just hear the judging in her body language.)

So Hubby and I called it a day and took Orko back home, where he  was in this position for the next 5 hours. I had to keep toeing him to make sure he was alive.


We felt awful and decided to make it up to him by taking him to a local lake the next day! Tons of swimming and fun and staying cool the entire time!!

Except… we had forgotten that Orko had never been in a lake… or any body of water… so he didn’t know how to swim… it went great… not really… but that’s for another blog… which will post tomorrow… seriously… would I lie to you??

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9 Responses to You live in Phoenix now… try not to kill your dog

  1. JWo says:

    We recently moved from Chicagoland to Memphis and Tammy is just starting to get a taste of the humidity. While Savannah never was one for exercise, she’s still struggling with the fact she can’t be outside as much as she’d like.

    A simple task like walking to the mailbox turns into a chore, with her dragging on the return trip, and ends with her laying on the kitchen floor for the next 1-2 hours.

    Ain’t the heat swell!!

  2. Lol. I do stuff like that too…with my kids.

  3. Molly the Malamute has been laying under the ceiling fan like that for hours…she ran with dog friends a bit this morning. We’ve bought her a little wading pool, but she thinks it’s the biggest water bowl ever and barks if leaves get in it. (we’ll hit 100’s shortly)
    And the office flip-flops! (does the wedge sole mean it’s formal enough for work? Apparently)

  4. Orko is seriously the best name for a dog. Ever.

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