I have always believed that I have an amazingly high pain tolerance.

Okay granted, I’m sure almost everyone in the world believes they have a high pain tolerance, and they probably also believe that they could take a gun shot to the groin, while swimming in a vat of Tabasco, and not let out a whimper, BUT this weekend I proved it! … not that whole hot sauce shot thing, but something really, really similar…

My dog high-fived my eye!!!

… stay with me…

Early Saturday morning I was giving Orko good morning kisses, to which he said thanks by attempting to give me a high five, which I didn’t see coming as I hadn’t put my glasses on yet, which resulted in me meeting his thank you high five with my face… correction my eye… correction, correction my wide open eye.

I lay on the floor with my hand over my eye for about 5 minutes, it was really quite painful, but I didn’t let out a peep as I was pretty certain the pain I was feeling was from my new eye lash extensions being impaled in my eye and I didn’t want Hubby to hear me, as he thought my new lashes were “silly” and “pointless” and there would be so much “I told you so” if he found out I had now been blinded by them.

Once the pain subsided a bit, I slowly opened my eye and found that my lashes were in their normal awesome extended positions, and not daggered in my eye,… Yay… but it still hurt… Boo.

Hubby came into the room at this point, assessed the damage, walked out, and then came back in holding a little eye dropper thingy.

Foolishly thinking hubby was helping, I pulled my eyelids up for him to drop some water in my eye to flush it out… not water… NOT WATER… VASINE!!!!!!!!!!

Vasine being dropped into a wounded eye… now THAT equals being shot in the groin while in a vat of Tobasco… for me and Hubby… as my instant knee jerk reaction was to… well… to actually knee jerk Hubby in the groin.

While Hubby lay on the grown gasping for air, I called my eye doctor dude. He asked me to come right in, and once Hubby regained his ability to stand without throwing up, we were on our way.

I’m now going to put forth, word for word, the conversation my doctor and I had that proves I’m super human, when it comes to pain.

Eye dude: So tell me the level of pain you’re feeling right now from 1 to 10.

Hubby: 8

Me: He’s talking to me you big baby, … it’s more of an irritantance than pain, so I’d say 1 or 2.

Eye dude: (looking in his big eye microscope thingy)… did you say your pain was 1 or 2!?!?

Me: … ya… why?

Eye dude: I’ve had grown men come in, weeping, with less damage than what I’m looking at right now.

Me: Cool!

Hubby: Babe! Did you hear the part about “damage”!?!

Me: Um Hello!? Did you hear the part about the weeping grown men!?!?!

The doctor then told us that, luckily, my eye would heal very quickly and he didn’t even bat an eye… hahahahaha… when I asked for a picture so I could share it with all of you.


Click on the pic! Makes it extra big and horrifying!!!

TA DA!!!!

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5 Responses to I HAVE THE PAIN TOLERANCE OF 10 MEN!!!… kinda…

  1. Wazeau says:

    That is a very disturbing picture of your eye wound – but yeah for pain tolerance not to mention the knee-groin action…

  2. Gah….getting anything in the eye is the worst. thing. ever. Hope you are feeling better soon. Oh and your hubby too 🙂

  3. Kim says:

    I always threaten co-workers with the paper-cutting of their eyeballs… this made me think of that.

  4. idiotprufs says:

    I got a piece of wicker in my eye once, I cried like a baby.

  5. unsolicitedtidbits says:

    Yikes! But, bravo on the pain tolerance 🙂

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