What does your life really amount to, if your dog doesn’t even take you seriously?

So I woke up this morning with one of those uber rare feelings of “I’M GONNA GET SHIT DONE AND BE PRODUCTIVE!!”.

Seeing how I NEVER feel this way I jumped out of bed and ripped the sheets of the bed.  I was not gonna let this productivity high fade, I was going to do… laundry… I know! ME doing LAUNDRY!!  But first I had to stop and apologize to Hubby who was now laying on the floor and yelling at me for ripping the sheets out from underneath him.

I ran to the laundry room and joyfully stuffed the sheets into the washer, and went to dump some detergent in… where’s the detergent? After a minor expedition search around the house, trying to find the detergent, which only ended with Hubby yelling at me for opening and slamming shut every drawer in the house and me screaming back we were out of detergent and him yanking me into the laundry room and pointed to the detergent sitting above the washer… whatever.

With the washer happily chugging along, I then grabbed some clean sheets from the closet and started to head back to the bedroom to continue with my uber productive day and make the bed. But then I remembered that military test were you bounce a quarter off a perfectly made bed… My uber productive self could TOTALLY make a coin bouncing bed. Unfortunately finding a quarter took just as long as finding the detergent and twice as loud and ended with Hubby storming out of his office and pelting me with spare change. I decided to forgo the quarter test and just make the bed civilian style.

Unfortunately that’s when things got difficult… yes, THAT’S when thing got difficult.  When I got back to the bedroom I found an obstacle before me.


What’s the meaning of doggy life??

Me: Orko! Get. Out. Of. The. Bed!


Excuse me! But I’m thinking big doggie thoughts here!!

Me: Orko Seriously!! I’m uber productive lady and I’m getting shit done!!!





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Wifey, Blogger,Dog Mom, Huge Nerd, and One Hellofafriend! (Seriously, I have references). SHINY!!
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1 Response to What does your life really amount to, if your dog doesn’t even take you seriously?

  1. Orko – you know what’s important. Wishing you a merry and warm Christmas

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