Hubby and I may be trying to kill each other, in really awesome ways

So my Christmas was Awesome! Hubby gave me Helicopter Flying Lessons… How cool is that?!

I have always wanted to learn how to fly a helicopter, they’re way cooler then airplanes, I mean airplanes need a whole air strip to land. Helicopters can land and take off from ANYWHERE!!

This will be extremely important for when the zombie attacks start and Hubby, CIA Cat, Orko and I need to get out of town stat! … granted we don’t own a helicopter but it’s gonna be a zombie apocalypse!!! I’m pretty sure no one will be guarding helicopters… Okay I may need to think out our escape plan a little more.

BUT back to Christmas gifts! I, being equally awesome, got Hubby Race Car Driving lessons!!! Which, now that I think about it, will also be very helpful during the zombie wars as if we can’t get to the helicopters we can uses his skills to race away!!

Although Hubby says the reason he got me the flying lessons had nothing to do with my weird fascination with fictional apocalypses and more to do with how much I’ve always said I’d love to learn how to fly a helicopter. And he suggests that I got him the race car lessons is because I love him and knew how much he would enjoy them… My friend says the reason we each got each other these gifts is because we’re secretly trying to kill each other.

Anywho here’s wishing you a Happy Holidays!!! And the hope that the Inevitable zombie apocalypse holds off until after Hubby and I complete our lessons.

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4 Responses to Hubby and I may be trying to kill each other, in really awesome ways

  1. suzie81 says:

    Haha! What an amazing present!

  2. unsolicitedtidbits says:

    Have fun! That sounds awesome!

  3. hrockwel says:

    It’s Spy versus Spy! 🙂

  4. So unfair! And all I got was socks. No, this is really great. Can’t wait to read your insights about both adventures. May the new year be bright and full of wonder

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