This may surprise you, but my texting can sometimes be even more sporadic and confusing than my every day talking… or writing… or basically my general every day beingness (shut up, it’s a word).

But one of my proudest accomplishments is, that after 19 years of being together, Hubby can keep up without a hitch.

Not anymore, today,  I sent him a text that was so out of left field, I lost Hubby completely… and also caused him to snort soda, that he is still trying to get out of his sinuses, 2 hours later.

photo (3)


P.S. that is an impressive cucumber!

P.S.S. it was like the size of my pinky a week ago!!

P.S.S.S. am I the only person who gives measurements by body parts???

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5 Responses to LOOK AT MY CUCUMBER!!!

  1. RainyWriter says:

    Haha … I am sure he did think that came out of left field. I mean … wow … if my wife sent me a text like that I would have been thinking … wha?!?!? Then again, sometimes people not just say things out of the blue, but ask some pretty whacko questions. I suspect this blog might even inspire a weird question or two. But nooo, you won’t get a bizarre question from me. Nope, nope, I’m just going to ask the MOST obvious question on everyone’s mind …

    “What kind of soda was he drinking?”

  2. Would make many choke and snort. Funny

  3. Someone gave me 4 and 3/4 of a star… It’s because my lack of understanding how to use commas isn’t it…

  4. Cassandra says:

    That is an impressive cucumber! Last time I grew cucumbers in my garden, they were just getting big enough to pick when, seriously, my dog ate them.

    I measure things in body parts, too. 🙂

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