I think there’s something seriously wrong with us… seriously.

So you don’t have to be a hardcore follower of this blog to know that I love my dog, but as the great Janeane Garofalo said in ‘The Truth About Cats and Dogs‘; “You can love your dog… just don’t lllooovvveee your dog.”.

That’s really good advice. Don’t freak out, I’m not lllooovvvvviinnnggg my dog, but I am beginning to enter an area of doggie attentiveness that should concern me, let’s be clear it doesn’t… but it should.

On the plus side, Hubby is part of it too… pretty sure that’s a plus… maybe not.

Okay started this morning with a text from Hubby.


Me: OMG CALL 911!!!!!!

Hubby: ok

Me: KIDDING!!! He’s at doggy daycare today.

Hubby: thought so, but his doggy tupperware bowl is still here, does he have any food for lunch??

Me: Yes, I put it in a sandwhich bag, cause I couldn’t find the tupperware thing, where did I leave it?

Hubby: .. my sock drawer…

Me: Sure, makes sense.


Me: Cause I was looking for socks while getting his lunch… duh.

Hubby: Poor Orko, having to go to daycare with a bag lunch, the other dogs will laugh at him.

Me: I know, he needs something cooler.

Hubby: Way ahead of you… BAM!

Me: *GASP* Is that a He-Man Lunch Box with ORKO on the front!!??!!

Hubby: Yes, yes it is. I just ordered it for him.  Does that make me sad or pathetic or both?

Me: um… that… makes you so freaking sexy!!!!

Hubby:  nice

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3 Responses to I think there’s something seriously wrong with us… seriously.

  1. So sad. So familiar. Luckily Molly just wants to have fun…and just goes half a day…she’d eat her blanket, so no point in letting her stay longer…they offer “sheepskin nap blankets”…great, she’d eat that in a minute – and we’d have to pay for it. No, better to not risk it….besides she sees no reason to rest/nap if there are dogs to wake up and party with!

  2. Omg. Love. It almost makes me want to send Nigel to daycare just so I can pack his lunch and get him a lunch box!!

  3. That lunchbox is awesome. Seriously.

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