Okay people, I say this cause I love you all… SUNSCREEN!!

Use that shit, and not the low numbered shit, I’m talking the good shit, 30+ baby!

Put that shit on everyday, sometimes twice a day, fuck it, reapply that shit hourly!!

And it doesn’t matter if you live in a sunny place or a cloudy as hell place!

I’m a perfect example:
Portland Spring 2013, notice a little sore on the tip of my nose, I ignore it and it goes away, couple weeks late it’s back, I ignore it and it goes away, repeat until Spring 2014 in Arizona.

Hubby: What is wrong with your nose!?

Me: Wow, thanks. What’s up with your eyebrows?!

Hubby: Seriously babe, you’ve had a scab on your nose for like ever!

Me: It’s not my fault, it just wont go away!!

Hubby: Well stop picking at it!

Me: I DON’T!!

Hubby: Well it’s not going away, maybe you pick it in your sleep.

Me: HOW DARE YOU SIR! I am a lady.

Hubby: Whatever, get it checked out.

So I did, went to a dermatologist and it only took her 1.7 seconds to figure out what it was… Cancer.  FUCK, not malignant, but still serious enough that they cut off a sample and then flash freezed the rest to kill it dead.

And let me tell you, that shit hurts.  The little assistant lady tells you it’s just gonna be a slight prick and then some mild burning.  She LIES!  It felt like she cut my entire fucking nose off and then pulled molten lava down the wound.  I got your slight prick and mild burning right here lady!!

Also, the doctor lady mentioned that if I used my 30+ sunscreen on my face daily then I might see some lightening in my facial brown spots… huh… I used to call those my adorable little freckles… but no, apparently they’re a bunch of fucking sun damaged disfigurations… great.

Lesson learned? SUNSCREEN PEOPLE!!! EVERY DAY!!!

p.s. I colored my hair

p.s. I colored my hair

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  1. longchaps2 says:

    Good idea. Cancer is worth cussing over. Love the hair by the way.

  2. Steph says:

    You know, this “slight prick” business is for the birds. There must be an entire course in medical school about lying. I also have freckles and I much prefer “fairy kisses” to “future skin cancer.”

  3. Eileen Davis says:

    Sorry Mona, it’s in our f-ing genes. UGH!

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