Thirty minutes after finding out I have skin cancer, Hubby discovers the cure to Cancer!

1:15pm – Hubby and I are on the phone discussing the procedure.

Hubby: I don’t understand, why are they cutting you?

Me: So they can find how deep the cancer goes.

Hubby: That’s crazy! They have to have a machine that can just scan your body and highlight where the cancer is!!

Me: Well I’m sure they do honey, in Star Trek, but sadly here in the present they can only cut. Okay babe I gotta get back to work.  Love You.

Hubby: Ya ya I gotta do some Googling.

1:40pm I start getting texts from Hubby.

Hubby: I ordered you some BeeVinity Cream

It was developed from a lady that had
Lyme disease and got stung by a ton of
bees that ended up curing her

Bee venom has been scientifically proven
to kill cancer cells

I ordered the 50ml Face Cream for you,
don’t hate me, I think it’s worth a try

Me: Why would I hate you, I’m googling the bee
stuff now

$100!?!?!?!?!? BABE!

Hubby: For you and your cute nose, it’s worth it
should be here Thursday

Me: Great before my appointment, I’ll be cured by
the time they start cutting

Hubby: I’m hoping it will stop more growth, and
they don’t have to cut too much

Just thought of this but are you allergic
to bees?

Me: Well I guess we’ll find out on Thursday

I’ve been bit by wasps!

Hubby: I’m googling bee allergy prevention

Me:  Way to think ahead

Hubby: Okay Benadryl and Aspirin will be on standby

How was the wasp sting

Me: Hurt

A lot

It wasn’t a sting, they bite

And I was bit by the entire hive

Fun story, I’ll tell u tonight

Hubby: k

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2 Responses to Thirty minutes after finding out I have skin cancer, Hubby discovers the cure to Cancer!

  1. Eileen Davis says:

    Prayers for you and your cute nose. Good for hubby and his positive intentions! I have confidence it will work out in your favor. With love.

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