It’s my Skin Cancer and I’ll laugh if I want to!!!

Probably the most shocking thing that I’ve learned from getting skin cancer is people DO NOT want you to joke about it, or laugh about it, or declare that this is how you get insurance to cover your nose job.

I’ve received emails from friends saying that they know that even though I’m laughing on the outside, I must be so sad on the inside… REALLY? I’m sorry I don’t think we’ve met, my name’s Mona, I’m gonna find a reason to laugh at everything… well except dead animals on the side of the road, that shit is fucking depressing.

I had a co-worker ask me to stop joking that I’m going to be coming in on Monday with no nose, and that I shouldn’t joke, because this is so serious… REALLY?  Skin Cancer is serious? Well shit, thank goodness you told me, I never would have known otherwise!! Dude, they should put that in the news or something, people need to know that cancer is bad… wait, what?? THEY DO!?!? Why am I just hearing about this!?!?

Here’s the thing people, I know skin cancer is serious, and bad, and scary, and sad, and all that other stuff.  But it’s also mine to deal with how I see fit. And I see fit to say “Fuck, I really should have listened to my mother and put on more sunscreen and worn hats!”. But I didn’t, I didn’t wear sunscreen regularly on my face cause it smelled, or it was sticky, or I was lazy, or I forgot, or I don’t know, I have a million excuses for not putting it on daily.  Although, I have no excuse for not wearing hats, I look fucking amazing in hats.

But it’s happened, I didn’t take care of my skin and now I’m paying the price.   If I’m lucky, I’ll only have to pay with a few layers of skin, if I’m not as lucky I’ll pay with a portion of my nose.  But it’s skin cancer, not breast cancer, or ovarian cancer, or any of the other horrible cancers that make people pay so much more then what I’m going to.

So I’m going to look at this as a lesson learned, a lesson that’s gonna leave a scar, but will also leave me alive. And I’m totally happy with that.

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13 Responses to It’s my Skin Cancer and I’ll laugh if I want to!!!

  1. Nic says:

    So sorry to hear about the skin cancer, BUT I just had to say that your perspective is EVERYTHING. Love it! And I’m sending you all the good vibes for healing!

  2. SophieS says:

    I love your blog, and your sense of humor!
    My dad committed suicide about 3 years ago and if we (my family) hadn’t found a way to laugh about things I’d still be hiding from the world under the covers. Instead we laugh, because we can’t change it and we might as well find some humor in life…
    We had my dad cremated, and the plan was to scatter his ashes that summer so we didn’t need an urn. His cremation wasn’t done in time for the funeral, which was fine – since we had no urn, we didn’t need to display his cardboard box. We went back a few days after the funeral to pick him up, my Mum and I walk into the funeral home and it’s all hushed and sombre and the funeral guy goes and gets my dad and takes great care to gently hand us the box. As mum and I walk out, I said quietly “huh, Dad’s lost some weight”, shaking the box a little. She starts giggling, I start giggling… we determine we’re both evil for laughing in a funeral home. We get out to the car and I hesitated…. Mum’s looking at me wondering what I’m thinking, so I tell her “Okay, look…um… I want to put Dad in the trunk, is that okay? If we get into a car accident I really don’t want to ask the insurance adjuster to make sure they vacuum my car out and give me all the dust back”. Mum laughed, Dad rode home in the trunk.
    A few months later after my mum had moved and was unpacking, she called me to tell me “Um, in case I forget… Dad’s in the linen closet next to the heating pad, I don’t know where to put his box until we scatter his ashes and I don’t want to forget where he is!”.
    My poor dad… haha, but if he were here, he’d have seen the humor!

    Hope the doctor appointment goes well and you don’t look like Voldemort!

  3. I Love you. I just sent you a present that will help show people your awesome outlook. 🙂

  4. Hey -you’re right. Skin cancer isn’t a death sentence – ignoring it is. Laugh on! (and hats rock – find yours and wear it forever…less trouble than hearing your doc yell at you that you should have learned the last time….pass the new less horrid sunblock, please.)

  5. I’ve got 30+ in my purse, the car, my desk, the dog’s backpack, my night stand!! NEVER AGAIN!!

  6. Eileen Davis says:

    Thanks for sharing. It made me check my favorite skin cream for SPF….eek… it has none. Damn it! Gotta find a new favorite!

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