I did a bad thing and now Karma is gonna make me pee my pants.

My adorkable pup, Orko, and I hit the trails early Sunday morning.  I was testing out this new leash I got him, it came with a belt for me, so I can walk him with out having my arm yanked off.

It. Is. Awesome.

I just let him pull me along the trail and if he starts pulling too hard, I just lean back.  His 39 pounds is no match for my…. well never mind.

So we’ve been hiking for about 30 minutes and we’re both in a mellow, happy, just walking mood, when suddenly like 20 birds burst out of a bush to the right of us!  I may have screamed like a little girl, it’s all kinda a blur, but when I quickly turned to check on Orko, I am shocked/delighted to see… he’s peed himself.

I have never laughed so hard in my life.

Okay before you start thinking I’m a horrible person, let me explain… why I’m a horrible person. Orko was not in his normal lifted leg pee pose, or even his hunching down cause I’m not sure if I have to pee or poop pose. NO! He was full standing, with wide open eyes… peeing.


I tried to stop laughing, as he was giving me hurt eyes, but I couldn’t. It was probably the funniest think I’ve ever seen and I laughed the ENTIRE way back to the car.  I couldn’t help myself, every time he looked back at me, I’d just start laughing again.

Oh ya, Karma’s totally gonna make me pee my pants… but it will be totally worth it.

Before the pee scare, when he still liked me.

Before the pee scare, when he still liked me.

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7 Responses to I did a bad thing and now Karma is gonna make me pee my pants.

  1. Marcela says:

    Orko is gorgeous. Is he an Aussie?

  2. Molly is just thrilled to see handsome Orko. She thinks all dogs colored like that are her long lost relatives….especially the ones pulling sleds in Alaska. Speaking of pulling, interested in the leash – is it a harness. Sounds like a great idea – looking into that.
    Oh, I promised not to tell, but Molly hates to get startled by fast moving bikes that appear from behind and are gone before she can bark…quite embarrassing to be lunging and growling at thin air

  3. Eileen DeBarge Davis says:

    thanks for the laugh… so funny… be prepared, wear a pad… heee heee heee haaa haaa haaa! So worth it.

  4. Moxie in the Making says:

    I don’t know what I did, but karma must be out to get me, too! Too funny!

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