The Puppuccino… IT’S REAL!!!!

So like every other woman in the world, YES, I’m using ‘world’ now as I’m absolutely positive that every woman in the world…. is on Pinterest.

I have the following image on my Pinterest page titled “I’M TOTALLY GOING TO DO THIS!”.


I give you the Puppuccino… apparently, per the pin, and why would the pin lie to me, you can go to Starbucks and requested the mystical Puppuccino and they will give you a little cup of whipped cream for your dog!

I have always wanted to test this but either forgot or didn’t have Orko with me during my Starbuck visits.  Well it FINALLY happened! At Starbucks, and not only did I have Orko with me, but I remembered to ask, thanks to Hubby… kinda…

See Hubby was in the driver seat and giving our order to the Starbucks speaker lady.

Hubby: Do you want whip cream on your frap?

Me: Ya… OH MY GOD!!! WHIP CREAM!!! YES!!!!!!

Hubby: Okay calm down there screamy, maybe you don’t need any more sugar.

Me: NO, NO, NO YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND… and yes I always need more sugar… BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT I MEAN!!! *SQUEEL* *GASP* *hushed whisper* ask her for… The Puppuccino.

Hubby: The what now?


Hubby: No, and stop making words up.

Luckily my scream of excitement carried across our car and into the speaker.

Starbucks Speaker Lady: Okay and one puppuccino, anything else?

Hubby: Seriously it’s real?


And here is the photo montage of Orko, and his puppuccino… I will spare you the photo montage of the dairy diarrhea that followed 2 hours later… I’m just kidding, I didn’t take pictures of that… weirdos.

What is this?

What is this?

Is this a trick

Is this a trick

ooooohhhhhhh Sweet Daisy Jane That’s Good!!!

Do I have any on my face?

Do I have any on my face?

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4 Responses to The Puppuccino… IT’S REAL!!!!

  1. Tracy says:

    I’m totally going to try! Except I’m going to put Nigel in the front seat and then ask for a Soy-gluten-free-skim puppuccino as Nigel drools all over the dashboard.

  2. Eileen Davis says:

    LOL!!! Tears of laughter! 🙂

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