Thank You for Getting Cancer!!… and now Hubby is going to divorce me…

So I had promised Hubby that I would not blog about this next thing… that I’m about to blog about… I’M SORRY!! BUT IT’S SO AWESOMELY FUNNY!!!!

So before I was going in for my skin cancer procedure, the MOHs or something or other. I got a LOVELY bouquet of flowers from Hubby’s family, my in-laws, which was REALLY sweet and wonderful of them… however… it took an unexpected turn when I saw the balloon attached to the flowers…

Thank You

So being who I am, I had to send them a Facebook thank note that went something like this:

Thank you so much Hubby’s family, who sent me my favorite flowers and a wonderful note letting me know they are thinking of me during my procedure tomorrow… however… thanking me for getting skin cancer, was a little too far. 

HILARIOUS right!?!?

Not. To. Hubby.

Hubby: BABE! You know that was supposed to be a Thinking of You balloon!!

Me: Of course! But it wasn’t, it was a Thank You balloon… AND IT MADE THE GIFT SO MUCH BETTER!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

Hubby: My aunt has a bit of an accent and they misunderstood her.


Hubby: You can’t blog about this.

Me: HAHAHA…. wait… what the what!?! Babe I have to!! It’s brilliant!!!!

Hubby: No, you already posted it on Facebook. No. Blogging.


So ya, I’m probably getting divorce papers served to me when I get home…. BUT IT WAS SO FUNNY!!!!!!



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5 Responses to Thank You for Getting Cancer!!… and now Hubby is going to divorce me…

  1. Jess says:

    That’s hilarious, and probably made your day more than a Thinking of You balloon. Sorry about your upcoming divorce, though. I’ll send you a virtual Thank You balloon if it should happen.

  2. Mistake or not – somehow it’s just perfect. Hilarious – and laughter is always the very best gift.

  3. Steph says:

    There was absolutely no way you could resist blogging about that. No. Way. Plus, tell him it was YOUR cancer and YOUR balloon. Then stick your tongue out. (Jesus, I should be a marriage counselor, I’m really good at this.)

  4. longchaps2 says:

    What your inlaws REALLY think of you, right? Lol.This is AWESOME. Definitely worth a divorce to post this. Yep. Definitely.

  5. Do they make a balloon for that? And ya, you totally had to blog about it!! Hehehe…

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