Say Goodbye to Cancer Hole!

So I had my plastic surgery consultation last week to cover up my cancer hole, and I was 100% excited and 0% nervous… well 70% excited and 30% nervous… no let’s go 80% excited and 20% nervous.

I was nervous because this was my first time going to a plastic surgeon and I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to fix my cancer hole.

I was excited because this was my first time going to a plastic surgeon and I was REALLY excited about what I’d see in the waiting room!!

I was going to play the game ‘Guess what they’re having done’ and ‘Guess what went horrible wrong and now has to be fixed’ and, my all time favorite, ‘Real or Fake?!?’.

Well, sadly, to get me in to their packed scheduling they made my appointment during the office lunch break, which meant… NO ONE was in the waiting room… worst. day. ever. Oh and the doctor said it would take just a couple in-office procedures and they’d have my nose looking like there was never a cancer hole… like Hubby, he also asked me to stop calling it “The Cancer Hole”.  WORST DAY EVER!!!!!


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5 Responses to Say Goodbye to Cancer Hole!

  1. Steph says:

    Wow, cancer hole is just a universally unpopular term, huh?

  2. I like cancer hole!
    \Marcy Westerling

  3. Eileen Davis says:

    It’s on your body you have the right to call it what you like! Love your strength!

  4. What else could it possibly be called? (Laughing – love the waiting room game…maybe next time there will be contestants available)

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