A photo montage of skin cancer healing… the only real reason to take selfies… FINALLY THERE’S A REASON!!!!

Well my plastic surgery was done 2 months ago and now all bandages are off and healing is going strong!!

It was a pretty weird procedure, especially since the doctor decided that I had the “right stuff” and didn’t need no measly anesthesia and I could do the whole procedure awake with just the numbing stuff… and being an idiot I was flattered by his false belief in my badassness and agreed with him.

I’ll spare you the horrors that followed, but in the end we both agreed that any stuff I had in me was not “right” in any way.

But it’s done and I will now share you the photo montage of my recovery!! YAY PHOTO MONTAGE!!!!

Sorry about the first one, this was the first pic taken of the cancer hole and the doctor had to make a copy and mail it to me and she folded it RIGHT on the nose… thanks doc.

photo (31)

After cancer hole I had to wear a lot of bandages, some were my own, some were given to me by “friends”…

photo (33)photo (27)








Then came the plastic surgery.

photo 2 (10)

And then there were more bandages…

photo (29)

And finally…

photo (34)

All shiny and new, it’s still gonna take a couple months for the scar tissue to go down but not too shabby.

ps I’m blonde again.


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9 Responses to A photo montage of skin cancer healing… the only real reason to take selfies… FINALLY THERE’S A REASON!!!!

  1. Glad to see that you’re healing well!

  2. Tracy says:

    Every teenage girl in southern California is sups jelly (btw I had to google that to make sure I had it right).

  3. Eil Dav says:

    You are BEAUTIFUL & COURAGEOUS! Thank you for showing us how this cancer stuff works. Wear sunblock and a hat. (Wearing a hat is in our genes to.)

  4. longchaps2 says:

    You’re beautiful and so is your nose. I know how scared you were of what your nose was going to look like. Your surgeon rocks! Even if he still believes in medieval torture, lol.

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