The Sky is Falling, Save the Dog!!

Hubby: I made it to LA, how’s everything there?

Me: I. Almost. Died.

Hubby: Ofcourse you did.

Me: I’m serious!

Hubby: Oh I know, trust me after almost 20 years of being with you, when you say you almost died I totally believe you. So what was it this time? Fire? Cooking? Ice burg? Pistachios? Or was it something new?

Me: Falling sky.

Hubby: … So something new.

Me: SERIOUSLY!! The roof part of the overhanging thing above our doorway fell!

Hubby: The what?

Me: GAH! Here sending a pic…


Hubby: Ok… what am I looking at.

Me: That’s what’s above our door, except it’s missing… this!


Hubby: Wow, well glad you’re okay.

Me:… “glad you’re okay”?… I. COULD. HAVE. DIED! If Orko had decided to take his time doing his pees we could have been under that!

Hubby: Orko was with you?!? Is he okay? Did the sound scare him? Where is he right now??

Me: … dude.

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3 Responses to The Sky is Falling, Save the Dog!!

  1. Eileen DeBarge Davis says:

    Next time just state the facts and see what he comes up with. 😉

  2. Marcela says:

    Lol. So funny and for some people, so very true:-)

  3. longchaps2 says:

    Ah, hah, hah…hillarious. I mean, ahem, he needs to get his priorities straight. Yeah….still chuckling…just a little….

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