American Express and US Airways… WHY YOU NO WORK TOGETHER!?!?

I just had the most amazing 3 way phone conversation with 2 woman that wanted to KILL each other, and it wasn’t a hi-techy 3 way with one phone, no I did it old school with 2 phones! One on the right ear, one on the left, and me in the middle…  the center of the customer service apocalypse.

Here’s how it all started, US Airways had put a hold on my American Express card for some airline tickets, now this hold was supposed to disappear once the tickets were charged, but guess what, charges went through fine but that pesky hold is still sitting there.

So I called American Express and they said US Airways had to contact them to remove the hold…

So I called US Airways and they said they would remove the hold, BUT they needed American Express’s fax number to do it…

So with US Airways on one phone, I called American Express on another phone and asked for their fax number… this is the conversation that occurred…

American Express: Ma’am we don’t have a fax number, they need to call us directly.

Me: US Airways you need to call them, they don’t do faxes.

US Airways: That’s ridiculous we’ve always done faxes with credit card companies, you tell them we don’t call, we only fax.

Me: okay… um so they say they only fax, they do not call credit card companies.

American  Express: What?! Well we don’t have a fax number! Ask to speak to a supervisor.

Me: ugh… um could I possible speak to your supervisor?

US Airways: Ma’am, I am the supervisor!

Me: of course you are… um she says she is the supervisor…

American Express: Oh no she’s not, they just say that. Tell her to escalate your call.

Me: Wow I knew that was a fib!  Miss she asked that I escalate this call.

US Airways: You tell her that I am too a supervisor and that escalated calls go to me!

Me: Okay she may have heard you and she says she’s the most escalated we’re gonna get.

American Express: Well tell her there is no fax number here and to give me her merchants phone number and I’ll just call them.

Me: so she’s saying they don’t have a fax number and…

US Airways: Really!?!? In that whole office, no one has a fax!?!

Me: um ya sounds like it and she would like your merchant number to call directly.

US Airways: Well I don’t know what our merchant number is!

Me: sssooooo she doesn’t know that number.

American Express: OH She is so NOT a supervisor!  A supervisor would have that number!

US Airways: You tell her I AM and that she’s lying about not having a fax! EVERYONE HAS A FAX!!!

American Express: IT’S NOT THE 80’s!!!!

Me: okay ladies, let’s just take this down a notch. American Express at some point will this hold expire?

American Express: after 10 days when first issued… and you tell her to

Me: Okay easy there lady, and US Airways when was the hold issued?

US Airways: 8 days ago… and if she thinks that I

Me: OKAY so I’m just gonna wait out those 2 days and let it drop… maybe we should all just let. it. drop.

American Express: Yes ma’am that is fine and I’M SO SORRY YOU HAD TO DEAL WITH THIS RIDICULOUSNESS!!

Me: … ok,  pretty sure she heard that…

US Airways: Yes ma’am I’m also sorry you had to deal WITH THEIR RIDICULOUSNESS!!!

Me:… glad we all agree, this was ridiculous… goodbye.

Don’t believe that this happened, someone at my work took a picture!!



And I updated it a little…


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3 Responses to American Express and US Airways… WHY YOU NO WORK TOGETHER!?!?

  1. Eil Dav says:

    Omg! Congratulations on de_escalating a crazy conversation. Good focus!

  2. Ellen says:

    That was great:)

  3. I hate when this happens. So annoying. And time consuming. You certainly told it realistically

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