You people make my ass twitch

Me: My ass is twitching.

Hubby: Excuse me?

Me: No seriously, my ass is like really twitching!

Hubby: Why?

Me: I don’t know, although technically it’s not the whole ass that’s twitching, just a cheek.

Hubby: …

Me: The right cheek.

Hubby: …


Hubby: What!? I have no idea what you want me to do about this!

Me: I don’t know, maybe just some acknowledgement would be nice!

Hubby: Fine, I acknowledge that your ass is twitching.

Me: …right cheek… well the bottom of the right cheek… technically…

Hubby: And now my eye is twitching.

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5 Responses to You people make my ass twitch

  1. littlemissyogi says:

    I love this movie and this scene! hahaha Thanks for posting and sharing. xo

  2. Eil Dav says:

    That is funny! I have no idea about the movie but what you wrote made me laugh! 🙂

  3. Michelle says:

    HAHHAHA…I get a random buzz in my ass cheek sometimes and I think it’s my phone…but it’s just my ass.

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