So Facebook Says You Have Hundreds of Friends… PROVE IT.

This is going to be weird for some of you, but I’m about to post a serious post.  I know, I rarely do these as I really hate being serious.  But something has happened to a dear friend of mine that has kind of really pissed me off and I just need to vent. Again this is just me venting my opinion and thoughts, mine only.

You all know my friend Sheri.  She and I have been through a lot, like a lot, like seriously a lot.

Well something truly awful happened to her… her Barkley died.


He wasn’t even 2 years old yet, and the way he died was so awful and horrible that I’m not going to tell you, honestly you don’t want to know. It would haunt you, it still haunts me.

But the most awful thing was that Sheri was there, holding him, suffering with him, through it all, all his pain and confusion and fear.  And all she could do was tell him it was going to be okay and she loved him so much.

They rushed to the vet where he went immediately into surgery. At first she thought it was going to be okay, he’d made it through surgery, he was resting, come back tomorrow. Then the phone call, we’re sorry, he didn’t make it, his heart gave out, too much trauma, we’re so very sorry.

On the day Sheri received Barkley’s ashes, she also received a $2,500 vet bill.

When Sheri posted on Facebook that Barkley died, she got tons of comments, friends telling her how awful it was her puppy died, how much they loved her, how much they were thinking of her, how much they wish they could help.

So a go fund me site was set up to help her pay the vet bill.

The site has been up for almost 2 weeks and 17 people have stepped forward to help Sheri… Sheri has 467 friends on Facebook… 17 out of her 467 “friends” gave a total of $700, towards a $2,500 goal…

If you would like to help Sheri, please click here.  Any amount will help, no matter how small, because sometimes it’s just nice to know you have a friend out there, a real friend.


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3 Responses to So Facebook Says You Have Hundreds of Friends… PROVE IT.

  1. As you say, Facebook has redefined the word “friend”.
    Sheri did her best for Barkley. No matter how short his life was, he found the right home and she stood beside him.
    For those funding sites to work, there has to be a lot of publicity about it. (you are really helping with this post) Actually her response is about normal.
    Maybe she could ask those who commented/respond to each individual comment “Please reblog my new post (with cute pictures of Barkley, this last picture, and a memorial) about the fund site.”
    Not everyone can donate, but that would be a way to help out

  2. Totally agree, thanks for the idea!

  3. Man, if every one of her 467 “friends” could even just give $5 dollars, the cost of a cup of Starbucks these days, they could nearly wiped out this debt for her. RIP Barkley, and we are so sorry for your friends loss.

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