I’ve become a pageant mom and I don’t even have a child… well not technically

Okay, so there’s this contest AZFoothills Magazine has each year for Arizona’s Cutest Dog , and this year I entered Orko.  I mean come on, look at that face!


Now I mistakenly thought this was going to be a fair and rational contest. I thought that for 1 month I’d log on the site each day and vote ONCE for Orko and encourage my friends to do the same.  And by encourage I mean brow beat, harass, nag, and just be a complete pain in the ass for the entire month of August.  Then the 5 dogs with the highest votes would be judged by a ‘pet panel’ from the magazine and a winner would be announced.

But no, no that’s not how this “contest” works.  You have unlimited votes each day for the entire month… which means this contest is not about the cutest dog… it’s about the owner that has the most time on their hands and the ability to decipher those crazy annoying captcha codes.

For the first few days I was able to keep Orko in the top 5. Every night I would be spend an hour or two madly typing away at my laptop trying to figure out if the captcha word was garbleduchess or gobblinduckes.

But sadly, actually having a life and a screaming case of carpal tunnel syndrome has caused Orko to drop down to 6th place. So if you have pity for me, and a keen ability to decrypt captcha code, feel free to vote a couple thousand times for my child, Orko.


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11 Responses to I’ve become a pageant mom and I don’t even have a child… well not technically

  1. longchaps2 says:

    Well of course he’s the cutest dog. Voting Done! Good luck.

  2. Tracy says:

    I totally gave up on the captcha code and just connected the gas pump to the chevy… way more on my level, and it lets me vote much faster!

  3. There ya go, as a fellow fur baby mama, I gave him a few votes, like 10 I think. I am no longer sure, because at one point the thing had me “hydrating humans” to prove I was one. Then, the last captcha was “The sadong” which when I read it at first gave me pause, and laughter because I read the “d” as both the end of a word and the beginning, I gave up after that, I was laughing to hard! 😉

  4. Orko is obviously a winner – that little doggie face!
    Everyday, do a reminder post with his picture…nag. nag. nag
    I hate those captcha codes – being dyslexic makes it really hard to figure them out….but who could resist that cute little doggie face?

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