The toilet, the toilet, the toilet’s on fire!!

UGH! It’s been centuries since my last post, but I have excellent reasons for being gone so long!!!… however I don’t have time to tell you… but I will… soon… maybe.

Okay, short of the long, Hubby had a near death experience, I KNOW!! Finally its not just me having those in our relationship.

But in all seriousness, which you know I suck at, Hubby had a medical condition that caused him to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance and I got the call that no one ever wants from a fireman paramedic… which, being me, took him like 10 minutes to get me to understand what happened as I thought he was calling to say I had finally burnt down our house… such a long story.

BUT that’s for another blog, good news is that Hubby is recouping, and I will hopefully be writing some posts soon to share the whole crazy debacle with you all.

In the mean time here’s a text conversation my friend Whitney and I had regarding eating too much at a work potluck and having some SERIOUS stomach issues after… enjoy!

photo (4)

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1 Response to The toilet, the toilet, the toilet’s on fire!!

  1. Eil Dav says:

    You make me laugh ’til I’m reading through tears. Thank you.

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