Bad news, the dog is limping and no longer loves and/or trust me… Good news, if I’m ever attacked by ninjas while sleep walking, they don’t stand a chance

So Hubby being a wonderful man, who for some reason is still married to the mess of a woman that is me after 14 years, made me breakfast.  Granted he made it at 3am, did I mention Hubby has an insomnia issue, but still very sweet.

Anwho, he was nice enough to not wake me up and instead leave me a note, so that when I got up I would know where to find my delicious breakfast and apparently our puppies breakfast too. Here’s the note:


See!?! SO SWEET… except… he taped it face level on the bedroom door frame… which doesn’t sound bad… but I’m not a big “morning person”… so I groggily struggled out of bed… shuffled to the doorway… and then… in my mind… WAS ATTACKED BY NINJAS!!!!

Naturally I went into defense attack mode, which strongly resembles a person walking into a spider web. My arms and legs were flailing madly, while I attempted to keep the attackers from snapping my neck… unfortunately our puppy Orko ran over to see what was going on and got a quick kick to the butt sending him sliding into the bathroom.

Once I calmed down, and looked to see if there were any Ninjas left alive, I finally saw the note… and then I laughed… Orko did not… Pretty sure my favorite heels are going to be facing some retribution soon… all because Hubby had to be so sweet… jerk.

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