I can’t be trusted to be left alone in an ER room… CLEAR!!

Currently sitting in an ER room waiting for Hubby to come back from some tests.

He’s okay, they just want to see if they can make him pass out by strapping him on a board and tilting it a whole bunch of directions…

Now that I think about it he might not be okay, that sounds a lot like torture… isn’t there a thing they do to make people talk that involves water and a board?? Wish I could remember what it’s called…

But seriously, I don’t have time to worry about Hubby, the person I really need to worry about is ME!…  as I’ve been left alone in an ER room… that is stalked full of interesting hospital machines…. and I think one of them is a defibrillator… and I want to play with it…

Hell ya

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5 Responses to I can’t be trusted to be left alone in an ER room… CLEAR!!

  1. longchaps2 says:

    Oh God, if you pick that thing up, I hope you met your annual deductible.
    ps. hope your hubby is going to be fine, fingers crossed.

  2. Sadly I was able to resist the urge, but happily hubby given clean bill of health 🙂

  3. NotAPunkRocker says:

    You can make a puppet out of gloves and tongue depressors! Not that I did that during my last ER visit or anything…

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