The stars were late and my mother was naked… pretty much…

So Because I’m an amazing daughter I purchased a STELLAR birthday gift for my mother… literally.

From my past posts you know that my parents are happily retired on their organic garlic farm in Washington returning to their younger days of hippiness. (it’s a word).

They also have gotten into astrology and tote their telescope during all their outings to see the wonders of the stars.

SO I ordered my mother this!


Okay don’t get too impressed, I did not get my mother the HorseHead Nebula.

BUT I did get her a 100% Silk Scarf with the HorseHead Nebula printed on it!


I don’t get why they chose this woman to model the scarf, she looks confused, and uncertain of what a scarf is supposed to do…

example #2…



Anywho I ordered my mother the scarf and paid the hefty fee for next day delivery just to make sure my mother got it before her birthday… but they sent it regular day mail… so it was late…

I wrote an email explaining that I would like a refund for my next day fee seeing how it was sent SNAIL MAIL and that because of this mistake my mother would get her birthday gift AFTER her birthday.

I have to admit the customer support woman replied very quickly and was very apologetic and she followed up with me a couple days after my mother had received her gift just to check to make sure she was enjoying her scarf. Below is our correspondence…

Hello Mona,

I refunded your $25 shipment payment, did you receive the package and the refund?

Again, my sincere apologies for this mistake,


Hello Celine,

I got the refund and the package arrived on Monday. My mother LOVES it!! She sent pictures to me of her wearing the scarf as a dress outside their cabin, and she has a huge smile on her face.  I would share and attach the photo, but my parents are hippies… and mom went au natural underneath the scarf… the very sheer scarf…

Thanks again!

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2 Responses to The stars were late and my mother was naked… pretty much…

  1. That is a very cool scarf – you are the good child. (and that model does look odd…)

  2. NotAPunkRocker says:

    The scarf as a piece in performance art. Think about the possibilities! 😀

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