My work thinks I’ve killed and/or imprisoned my husband… and he loves it.

So my antisocial husband has gotten EXTRA antisocial lately and is not attending as many of my work outing as he used to, and it has not gone unnoticed.

My boss has mentioned SEVERAL times that he sure does miss seeing Tony and he hopes nothing has “happened” to Tony.

A couple weeks ago he asked if I have an insurance policy for Tony,  I replied that I did and he just nodded his head and walked away.

Last week during the office stand-up meeting he thanked everyone for contributing to his gofundme page.  I was confused for only a moment until it popped up on the screen behind him…



They created a GoFundMe page to find my husband!!!!!! Once he’s found they will donate the money to a charity of Hubby’s choice… FOR FUCKS SAKE!!!!!!

The worst part is, Hubby thinks this is hilarious and being a complete ass about it!!!



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1 Response to My work thinks I’ve killed and/or imprisoned my husband… and he loves it.

  1. That is awesome and terrible at the same time. I wish my introversion and hatred of parties could get me a Go Fund Me page.

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