How hair curlers ended my sex life.

Hubby: oh my god, what is that?

Me: What’s what?

Hubby: That!! (pointing at my head)

Me: Hair curlers! I just got them, it says I just roll my hair up at night and I awaken to lustrous, bouncing curls.

Hubby: What’s over the curlers?

Me: It’s the sleeping cap, I’m supposed to wear it to keep the curlers in check. If this works, I’ll no longer have to do my hair in the morning, giving me back like 20 minutes of sleep!

Hubby: So what you’re saying is we’re never having sex again.

Me: What? What are you talking about?? I look adorable!

Hubby: Ya… no more sex… ever (walks out of room)

Me: I look adorable in this cap, I’m totally pulling it off! (yelling after him)

Hubby: Okay grandma!


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